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Some rules to "great wedding speeches"


Rules of great wedding speeches

Freaking over your speech? Keep, cool, calm with these great wedding speeches tips.

1. If you're the bride
You're the luckiest person making a speech at the wedding: the audience will have no expectations, so you can say whatever you like!

Wedding SpeecheshessHowever, there are a few things the bride traditionally includes:
Wedding SpeecheshessThank the people who helped you get ready for the big day
Wedding SpeecheshessMake a big fuss of your mum
Wedding SpeecheshessMake sure you say something nice about the groom
Wedding SpeecheshessThank people for their presents and their presence
Wedding SpeecheshessThank each of your bridesmaids personally

2. If you're the groom
You have slightly more responsibility than the bride because traditionally the groom thanks everyone who helped with the wedding, including both families and the best man. The groom has always been the one in the newlywed couple to make a speech. These days, your new wife will probably help and you can divide all the thanks between you, but there are a few things you shouldn't forget:

Wedding SpeecheshessThank the father of the bride and the best man for their speeches
Wedding SpeecheshessTalk about the wedding day, how much you've enjoyed it and how well it has gone
Wedding SpeecheshessThank all the people who helped make the day so special
Wedding SpeecheshessThank everyone for coming
Wedding SpeecheshessTalk about how you met the bride and talk to her directly about how much you love her
Wedding SpeecheshessSay a few nice words about the best man

3. If you're the best man
You've got a lot of work to do, because the best man is often the MC as well: you have to announce dinner, announce each speech and then make one of your own. But don't panic. Include the following and it will all fall into place:

Wedding SpeecheshessThank the bride and groom
Wedding SpeecheshessRead out the telegrams and messages from people unable to attend
Wedding SpeecheshessTell some behind-the-scenes stories about the wedding preparations
Wedding SpeecheshessTell some funny stories about the groom, but don't be nasty (or too risqu´!)
Wedding SpeecheshessTalk with feeling about your relationship with the groom and how happy you are to see him with the bride
Wedding SpeecheshessGive your best wishes for the couple's married future together
Wedding SpeecheshessMake a toast to the bride and groom

4. Wedding speech no-nos
Things you should never include in a wedding speech (no matter how good an idea it seems)

Wedding Speecheshess Leave out anything rude about the bride or her mother
Wedding Speecheshess Any reference to ex-boy or girlfriends. They're really not what this day is about
Wedding Speecheshess Rude jokes that could embarrass anyone (yourself included)
Wedding Speecheshess Bitter comments about relationships that didn't work out (especially if they're yours)
Wedding Speecheshess Jokes that make fun of marriage
Wedding Speecheshess In-jokes the rest of the guests won't get (e.g.: "This reminds me of the story about Alison and the firemen from France …")
Wedding Speecheshess Ramblings about how you'll miss the good old days of singledom
Wedding Speecheshess Jokes about the celebrant's stammer, the bridesmaid's dress size or that stripper from the groom's buck's night who did amazing things with ping pong balls ...






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